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Once school begins, you’re ready to invite your students. If your students have used Writing Service in the past, they do not need to set up a new Writing Service account. They can simply use their existing username and password. If your students are new to Writing Service, provide them with the 6-digit group code and have them sign up for a student account.

BONUS STEP! – Invite other teachers at your school to join Writing Service and encourage your school’s IT director to claim a school or district subdomain. Subdomains enable members of your school to easily communicate with each other via your own Writing Service community. It also provides school administrators with additional management and analytic features.

4. Organize your libraryAs you’re preparing your lesson plans for the new school year, upload any resources you plan to share with your students to your Writing Service Library. Examples of resources you might want to upload include helpful links, videos, rubrics, worksheets, etc. Storing this content in your library will make it easy to share with your Writing Service groups when the time comes.

Looking to integrate Writing Service into your classroom curriculum this year? Here are 5 steps to help you get started:

Once you’ve created your account, visit your settings panel. Here you can add your profile picture, indicate your school and adjust your privacy settings. You can also choose the types of notifications you’d like to receive (i.e. if you want to be notified of new group members, new messages, etc.) and how you would like to receive them (text or email).

Now that your account is set up, the next step is to create your groups. Decide on how you want to label and organize your groups (i.e. by period, subject area, etc.), then click the “create” link (located on the left-hand panel) and complete the details of your group. After your group has been created, a 6-digit code will be displayed on the right-hand side of the page. This is the code you will give your students to enable them to join the group.

5. Invite your students

If you don’t already have an Writing Service account, visit Writing and sign up. Registration is free and takes less than a minute!

For a demo of the core features and functionality of Writing Service, join our Introduction to Writing Service Webinar, held every Tuesday at 4:00 pm EST. Sign up now.

3. Create your groups

1. Sign up

2. Adjust your settings and notifications

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